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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

31st August is Near but Are We Really An Independent Country?

Malaysia have achieve independence since 31st August 1957 from the colonization of British. During that time, only the States in the Peninsular achieve independence while North Borneo (Now Sabah) and Sarawak still being colonized. After six years of Independence, North Borneo, Sarawak and Singapore merge with the Peninsula to form Malaysia where 16th September is known as the Malaysia Day and it is consider as a public holiday since 2010 by the Prime Minister of Malaysia Dato' Seri Najib Razak. This means Malaysia have two celebrations related to Malaysia's Independence.

               Singapore became an independence Republic on 9th August 1965 due to disputes between the Federal Government and the State Government of Singapore. In the end, Tunku Abdul Rahman the Prime Minister of Malaysia during that time decide to expel Singapore from the Federation. Now, many decades have pass and the two countries, Malaysia and Singapore have achieve many matters in terms of economy, development, trade affair, people unity and many more. The country is independent but do the people feel independent?

                The emergence of social media have it own effect where its actually could shape the unity of the country in a way people nowadays are less dependent on news from the mass media. People are more towards social media platform where information are easily obtain and easy to share to others. Honors given to our Prime Minister and most of our Cabinet where they fully utilize the social media platform to keep the country harmony in balance. But with around 30 million of population in Malaysia not everything can be keep in harmony situation.

                 I just encountered a company that use the name of unity to make business. Unfortunately I've been deceived by the act where the company have violate many of our Constitution's Rules including not giving salary to employees, doing illegal business and manipulate clients to achieve profit. Is this environment what we call independence? Surely there are many others cases like these and the main factor this kind of companies still exist is because the victims did not take any action while the companies are very confidence that they can run away and in the same time try to manipulate the Constitution's Rules to be on their side.

                 I still believe that justice will prevail and I'm confidence that the Constitution will protect the innocent people and any perpetrators will eventually be caught. Why I'm confidence? It is because I already help the police to take down a fraud company in 2012 and solve a burglary case in 2013. If we are on the right side, there are no excuse to be afraid to seek for justice. When justice is prevail the true independence is achieve. Happy 57th Independence Day Malaysia.
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Monday, August 11, 2014

Selangor MB Issue by my Perspective

Salam to all. It's been a while since the last time I write here. Currently there are some interesting things happen not only in my life but also related to others especially for Selangor people. As it stand today, it has been decided that Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim is still the legit Menteri Besar for Selangor. He got the recognition of The Sultan of Selangor, Sultan Salahuddin and also the State Assembly. Barisan National also give their support to Tan Sri Khalid to remain as Menteri Besar of Selangor. Currently 15 seats are occupied by PAS, 12 seats by BN and one by an independence which is Tan Sri Khalid himself who just got fired by PKR.

         Every issue as usual got there side which are the pro (supporter), anti and on neutral side. For me I'm always on the neutral side but for this case I had to side to Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim. The reason for me to side with Tan Sri Khalis Ibrahim naturally come from the fact that Dato' Seri Anwar Ibrahim just wanted to take the MB seat by all means. Even thou there are some issue, most notable is the RM70 million debt that Tan Sri Khalid settle without a clear explanation, the action taken by the PKR facto de leader just show his true intention, to take over Malaysia. This action show undemocratic move, selfishness and display a true bad intention.

What are other people opinion I do respect with all my heart. There are no right or wrong in a discussion, there are only the acceptable way that people endorse. It's time to Solat Maghrib and pray for all of us to have a peacefully life. Assalamualaikum    

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