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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

We Ate Chicken but Age Ate Us Back

Whats your favorite food? For me it always be a tender and juicy fried chicken that been served while it is hot and spicy. Sound like KFC, but actually my favorite fried chicken lies somewhere else. Favorite food are subjective topic to discuss and food testing varies with different perspective and it is majorly influence by others review. KFC seems to be the leading brand on fried chicken in the world, purely not because of the secret recipe nor taste but because we acknowledge it since centuries ago. Believe me, I found several fried chicken much more tastier than KFC. They also have their own secret recipe and also their existence remain secret to many of us. By the way, moving back to the original question, what is your favorite food?

Ayam Goreng

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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Today is 11/12/13 & the Meaning Behind It

Assalamulaikum and good evening to all. Happy Holiday to people who are working at Selangor because today is a Public Holiday to Selangor State. 11 December is the Sultan Selangor's Birthday. Happy Birthday to the Selangor Sultan and may Tuanku be more successful in ruling the Selangor State. Coming back to the main topic which is the special date 11/12/13, people are tend toward special number to do some special occasion such as getting married, buying a car or even going on a holiday. So why people are really tend toward this kind of fact?

As a human being whether Muslim, Chinese, Indian or Cristian we are tend to special or beautiful number. People are willing to spend extra to get this number for example buying vehicle number plate or phone number. For the Chinese, they believe number 8 will give them good luck and they considered number 4 as the number of death. That why some building particularly in Klang Valley don't have level 4 or 14 because the Chinese believe that number 4 is a bad charm. There are also some believe in the West where they considered no 13 as the number that will give bad luck or Friday the 13th. Take note that Friday the 13th is coming. As a Muslim we can not believe this kind of thing but have to respect other believe. So why are we also fascinated by the number? The reason is because special number are easier to remembered, have a beautiful arrangement and also got some memorial meaning behind it such as birth date.

As a conclusion, number are a fascinating thing and that why there are mathematics, calculus, and also statistic. Well, the world is a huge thing to study and discover and number is one of it.  
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Friday, October 11, 2013

A Warning to All Good People

Greeting readers. It's been more than three months that I haven't updated this blog. It have been a roller coaster experience for the last three months but thank to God the result of it is still good. My company is growing steadily and my life is much more relax now. Although I'm pretty busy for the last three months but I still read other blogs and I found several blogs that actually trigger me write this post. It's regarding my experience working with a fraud company but in the end I'm the one who lodge a police report and also reported to SSM in September last year. I went there early this year to check and it seem either they already move or been busted by the authorities. For the full stories and experience of what I been mentioning please visit these blog Aina Aadnan, Erni Syafrina and Iqbal Zarin

I hope everyone will be careful with their the surrounding while the people who are behind this fraud scheme please stop at once because this life is not ours. As the finale do enjoy the video clip below; Bukan Milik Kita by 6ixth Sense


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Sunday, June 30, 2013

If This Continues A War will Occur in Malaysia!

Assalamualaikum and good afternoon to all readers. As an early reminder to all Muslim especially in Malaysia (date are different based on country) it is nine more days before Holy Ramadhan approaching. The important thing is are we ready?

As we all know, last night Kelantan or also known as The Red Warrior(TRW) had lifted the FA Cup defeating Johor Darul Takzim(JDT) at Stadium Bukit Jalil. Congratulation to TRW for retaining the Cup and also congrats to JDT also for reaching the final (they also beat Kedah in the second round). As a positive thing to be taken, the atmosphere and the attention that our people give toward this match is really fantastic! But as the law of the equilibrium stated, if we give something then we will receive something. They are many 'horrendous' issues behind these positive response. If this kind of things continue, maybe a war will occur in Malaysia!
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Monday, May 6, 2013

Let's Unite Malay and Muslim

Salam and good afternoon. Malaysia just got a new set of government consisting new and current people, Malay, Chinese, Indian and even others. Let's hope our country is at peace and will strive toward achieving develop country status.

I will make this post short because I just want to convey this message 


I'm really ashamed to see people especially my friend and family quarreling and fighting because of different political view. Come on la, blood is red hair is black. Let's unite people to make a better community. If you feel unsatisfied do take 'Wuduk' and Pray to Allah S.W.T to seek for calmness in your heart. Takbir!!  
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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

General Election 13 is Coming!

Happy Labor Day and happy off day to all who are working(especially employers). It's been long since I updated this blog. Well I'm also an employer who take paycheck at the end of the month. Thing at work are currently expending which is a good thing but the workload are also increasing which make online time lesser. Since today is a public holiday, I take some time to make a post on our General Election 13 (GE13).

      Ladies and gentlemen, especially Malaysian we only have around four days before the GE13 which will shape our country future. Surely there are hardcore BN supporters and also hardcore PKR supporter but what will determine the outcome of GE13 is resident that are neutral on both parties. Me myself is a neutral supporter. What I'm really disappointed about GE13 is that each parties keep exposing opposing other parties weakness rather than promoting more on what they can offer. For those who are sharing post on the internet please make sure the info is true or not or better share something that is good. Things like this can create commotion to the community.

     Hopefully GE13 outcome will create a better Malaysia in the future. I'm really excited about it and my prediction is this will be a tight fight between BN and PKR. What can I say that Kedah will still under PAS leadership and BN maybe can take back Selangor. That all and as closing please keep this quote in mind "Staying positive all the time is the best medicine to live a happy long life".

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Saturday, January 12, 2013

Children is The Core in The Future

Salam. Officially this is my first post for 2013, therefore I would like to wish a Happy New Year 2013 for all. New year, new resolution, new target and basically everything else need to be new. For adult which is more than 25 years old or already finish studying and seeking for job it is very essential to manage ourselves so we can live our life with much more comfort. But how about children such as our child, sister or brother, cousins, niece or nephew or maybe our student? They don't think much and they tend follow their surrounding. That why we need to take some responsibility to shape them for them to be ready for their future.

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