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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

General Election 13 is Coming!

Happy Labor Day and happy off day to all who are working(especially employers). It's been long since I updated this blog. Well I'm also an employer who take paycheck at the end of the month. Thing at work are currently expending which is a good thing but the workload are also increasing which make online time lesser. Since today is a public holiday, I take some time to make a post on our General Election 13 (GE13).

      Ladies and gentlemen, especially Malaysian we only have around four days before the GE13 which will shape our country future. Surely there are hardcore BN supporters and also hardcore PKR supporter but what will determine the outcome of GE13 is resident that are neutral on both parties. Me myself is a neutral supporter. What I'm really disappointed about GE13 is that each parties keep exposing opposing other parties weakness rather than promoting more on what they can offer. For those who are sharing post on the internet please make sure the info is true or not or better share something that is good. Things like this can create commotion to the community.

     Hopefully GE13 outcome will create a better Malaysia in the future. I'm really excited about it and my prediction is this will be a tight fight between BN and PKR. What can I say that Kedah will still under PAS leadership and BN maybe can take back Selangor. That all and as closing please keep this quote in mind "Staying positive all the time is the best medicine to live a happy long life".


marjan said...

Best regards from Zadar, Croatia!!!

kay shafiQ said...

@marjan thank for droping by

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