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Thursday, December 29, 2016

Europe Trip : Itinerary

Day 1                                                                       
9:35 AM : Departed from KLIA                            
12:20 PM : Arrived at Muscat Airport                    
1:35 PM : Departed from Muscat Airport                                
6:40 PM : Arrived at Flughafen Airport                  
7:30 PM : Arrived at cousin house located at Klausener Platz by car                
Day 2
7:20 AM : Departed from cousin house by train
9:00 AM : Departed from Central Bus Station Munich (ZOB)
1:00 PM : Bread for lunch
6:00 PM : Arrived at Hamburg Bus Station. Dinner McD
11:00 PM : Departed from Hamburg Bus Station.

Day 3
8:00 AM : Arrived at Copenhagen Central Station. Breakfast at KFC.              
10:00 AM : Free tour guide located at City Hall                      
1:00 PM : Depart from The Statue of Little Mermaid to cousin's house located Island Brygge by foot   2:00 PM : Arrived at cousin's house                                          
3:00 PM : When to a Malaysian's BBQ party located at Vesterbro by train & bus        
10:00 PM : Arrived back at cousin's house                              

Day 4
8:00 AM : Went to the City by foot. Visited Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek, Thorvaldsens Museum and The Hirshsprung Collection.
12:00 PM : Lunch and Zohor Prayers at Norrebro
2:00 PM : Visited Rosenborg Castle (Botanic Garden) and The David Collection.
4:00 PM : Baught souveniers and had Asar Prayer. Visited Lego Store, H&M and etc along the street.
5:30 PM : Went back to cousin's house by foot. Visited a grocery shop at Christianshavn

Day 5                                                                                                                                         
8:00 AM : Cycle toward Orestad                
10:30 AM : Went to Copenhagen Central Station by foot to buy ticket to Helsingor.
11:40 AM : Departed by train. Arrived 40 minutes later.
2:30 PM : Departed from Helsingor toward Copenhagen Central Station.
3:15 PM : Had waffle for lunch and visited Nationalmuseet, Danish Architecture Centre and The Danish Jewish Museum.

Day 6
8:30 AM : Went to the City with cousin by harbor boat. Visited The Black Diamond and University of Copenhagen
10.45 AM : Took a bus toward Copenhagen Airport. About 30 minutes journey.
11:55 AM : Boarding Transavia to Schiphol Airport
3:30 PM : Took train to Amsterdam Muiderpoort and check in Amigo Budget Hotel.  
4:00 PM : Visited Tropenmuseum and Oosterpark. Had Meggi for dinner.

Day 7
7:00 AM : Check out from hotel and took bus to Royal Palace of Amsterdam.
9:15 AM : Took bus to Amsterdam Centraal.
11.45 AM : Departed to Munchen Hauptbahnhof

Day 8
6.45 AM : Arrived at Munchen Hauptbahnhof. Took the train toward Wettersteinplatz station.
7.55 AM : Arrived at cousin's house.
11:00 AM : Went to Marienplatz/New Town Hall by train. Visited Alter Peter.
12:00 PM : Had lunch at food court in Galeria Kaufhof
1:00 PM : Zuhur prayer at Munchner Forum Fur Islam.
1.30 PM : Visited Alianz Arena from Marienplatz via train.
3:00 PM : Visited BMW Museum 
5:00 PM : Visited Bayern Munich training ground and fan shop.

Day 9
7:00 AM : Jog around the neigbourhood
9:30 AM : Went to Englischer Garten by train and tram.
12:00 PM : Visited Nymphenburg Palace. Went there by tram from Englischer Garten.
3:00 PM : Take out lunch at King Kebab House
5:30 PM : Departed from cousin's house toward Flughafen Airport. 40 minutes travel time
7:15 PM : Departed from Flughafen Airport toward KLIA.

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Monday, November 21, 2016

Europe Trip : The Story

I spent nine nights in Europe where I had covered Munich, Copenhagen, Helsingor and Amsterdam. I went there with my auntie and our main objective was to visit my cousin in Munich who had given birth to a baby girl. My aunt only stay in Munich until 14 May 2016 while I take this opportunity to travel more than a thousand miles. Want to know about my costing during my travel in Europe just visit my previous blog post 'Europe Trip : Costing & Budget'.

Oman Air : The New Wing of Oman

We depart form KLIA at 9.35 AM and arrived in Flughafen Airport 6.40 PM the same day. Total in-flight time is 14 hour 35 minutes (excluding 1 hour 30 minutes transit in Muscat and the time different between Kuala Lumpur and Munich is seven hours during that time). After we had cleared immigration, my cousin's husband had already waited for us and it took about 20 minutes driving from the airport to their house. We unpack our things and had dinner afterward and just spent the night in the house. The next morning, I need to take a bus going to Copenhagen.
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Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Europe Trip : Costing & Budget

Budget and costing are the most essential factors that effect our travel plan. Most of us are trying to plan the best travel itinerary that consist of exciting activities with the lowest spending. I'm also one of that traveler that try to get the best from minimal spending. As the saying goes 'fail to plan is plan to fail'.

For this Europe trip especially on this blog post, I will list all my expenditure involving this trip starting from 22nd April 2016 until 1st May 2016. The currency listed will be Ringgit Malaysia (RM), EURO (€) and Danish Krone (DKK). This expenditure consist of return flight tickets, accommodation, transport and entrance tickets, foods, shopping and souvenirs, and also miscellaneous.

1. Return Flight Ticket
I got my ticket during MATTA Fair that was held on March 2016. My only purpose going there is to hunt return flight ticket to Munich and I manage to grab a deal from Permai Rantau Sdn Bhd for RM2000. I took Oman Air where it will transit in Muscat for about 1 hour and a half. They're also deals from Etihad Airway and Fly Emirates ranging from RM2600-RM2800. Normal discount price for return flight ticket between Kuala Lumpur to Munich is about RM3000.
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Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Uber : A Supreme Example

'Denoting an outstanding or supreme example of a particular kind of person or thing' - Meaning of Uber -

Nowadays Uber is a popular word that refer to the ride sharing application and services that are convenient, transparent and also profitable. I myself also drive Uber to earn extra income especially the economy this day are not that good. If a chance come begging, we should just grab it. Would you?
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Friday, October 28, 2016

Knowing Kuala Lumpur History : The Relaxing Way

'History will not repeat itself. One who knows history will not make the same mistake'

Is the past connected to the present? It's will effect the outcome of our future? We for sure can not know our future but we certainly can learn from our past to make a better future. Sadful to know that today generation are to busy with technologies that they forgot about history. History is forgotten and it's really frightening to think that history will just remain history. 

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