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Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Europe Trip : Costing & Budget

Budget and costing are the most essential factors that effect our travel plan. Most of us are trying to plan the best travel itinerary that consist of exciting activities with the lowest spending. I'm also one of that traveler that try to get the best from minimal spending. As the saying goes 'fail to plan is plan to fail'.

For this Europe trip especially on this blog post, I will list all my expenditure involving this trip starting from 22nd April 2016 until 1st May 2016. The currency listed will be Ringgit Malaysia (RM), EURO (€) and Danish Krone (DKK). This expenditure consist of return flight tickets, accommodation, transport and entrance tickets, foods, shopping and souvenirs, and also miscellaneous.

1. Return Flight Ticket
I got my ticket during MATTA Fair that was held on March 2016. My only purpose going there is to hunt return flight ticket to Munich and I manage to grab a deal from Permai Rantau Sdn Bhd for RM2000. I took Oman Air where it will transit in Muscat for about 1 hour and a half. They're also deals from Etihad Airway and Fly Emirates ranging from RM2600-RM2800. Normal discount price for return flight ticket between Kuala Lumpur to Munich is about RM3000.

2. Accommodation
I save a lot on accommodation since I stayed at my cousin's houses in Germany and Denmark. From nine nights I was in Europe only one night I stayed at Amsterdam that cost me RM96. I done my booking thru and I had my stay at Amigo Budget Hotel. One night I was sleeping in the bus form Munich to Copenhagen and one night I spent in the train going from Amsterdam to Munich.

3. Transportation
I had done my booking on transportation earlier thru Initially I took a bus from Munich to Copenhagen that cost me €39, flight from Copenhagen to Amsterdam that cost me €25 and flight going back from Amsterdam to Munich that cost me €29. In the end I had to take train form Amsterdam to Munich that cost me €79.90 because on 27th April 2016 Flughafen Aiport was closed due to strike from the airport employees. The €29 I had paid for the flight going to Munich was refundable. Since I was staying with my cousins, they provide me with train/tram tickets and even boat ticket during my stay there. I only need to spent DKK 15 for the the bus I took going to Copenhagen Airport and €15 for one day unlimited use of public transport during my stay in Amsterdam. I also spent DKK 180 (two ways) going to Helsingor by train from Copenhagen Central Station. Most of the time especially in Copenhagen, I walk more than 20km per day to move around and it save me money and also it make me healthier.

4. Entrance Ticket 
I spend most of my money on entrance ticket when I was in Copenhagen. I only spent €1 (student rate) entering Alter Peter in Munich. There are many museums and attractions in Copenhagen. They're also many free of charge entrance fee into an attraction depend on the day. Attraction that I went and have entrance fee during my stay were Botanic Garden (DKK 40), The Hirshsprung Collection (DKK 75), Thorvaldsens Museum (DKK 50), The Danish Jewish Museum (DKK 50) and Danish Architecture Centre (DKK 60).

5. Food
I also spend most of my money on food during my stay in Copenhagen since my cousins were working during day time. Food are a bit expensive in Copenhagen compare to Munich or Amsterdam but halal food can easily be found in Copenhagen especially in Norrebro area where majority Muslim live there. The cheapest meal that can full our tummy is a DKK 15 kebab in Norrebro. Normal McD meal is about DKK 60. Approximately I spend arround DKK 150 plus €20 on food during my stay in Europe.

6. Shopping & Souveniers
Unexpectedly Lego price in Munich are a bit cheaper compare to Copenhagen although Lego originated from Denmark. I spend about DKK 300 on Lego and souvenirs in Copenhagen and about €80 on Lego in Munich. Because I'm going back to a non EU country, I'm eligible to get up to 20% of tax refund especially on the Lego that I bought.  

7. Miscellaneous
About €9 were spend on toilet entrance, donation to charity and snack during waiting my flight from Flughafen Aiport to KLIA.

My total spending on this trip excluding shopping and souvenirs are RM2096 + €188.90 + DKK620. I also have changes of €87.65(including tax refund) and DKK75 when I came back to Malaysia.

This post will continue in the next entry; 'Europe Trip : The Story'



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