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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Malaysia Traffic Problem : The Main Cause

Salam to all readers of this blog. This post is about traffic complication that I observe as a Malaysian. As a citizen of Malaysia that had travel to several countries around the world, Malaysia's traffic can be considered as really bad. This claim is strenghten by the fact that roads are usually packed with vehicles and statistic of accident in Malaysia is quite high. The causes of these bad traffic are from several factors such as the system of the road, to much vehicle on road and last but not least the user behaviour. But the main cause is the road user that are not professional unconsiderable, and very selfish.
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Thursday, November 3, 2011

What to Believe, But Not to Be Taken Granted

Are you believe in fortune telling? Surprisingly, fortune teller is a professional profession and people make money by telling about others people future. For me it is not logic for a mere human being to know about someone future or destiny. As a Muslim, I only believe in Allah S.W.T., the Creator of all that can determine our life. Anyway, fortune telling is not prohibited and for me I just take any predictions as a motivation to strive for the result.

Today, as I scroll down my Timeline in Twitter. I found one website that really open my mind. Do visit the site : and you will know what I mean. The future is not something to be hold but the present that need to be taken.

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