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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Malaysia Traffic Problem : The Main Cause

Salam to all readers of this blog. This post is about traffic complication that I observe as a Malaysian. As a citizen of Malaysia that had travel to several countries around the world, Malaysia's traffic can be considered as really bad. This claim is strenghten by the fact that roads are usually packed with vehicles and statistic of accident in Malaysia is quite high. The causes of these bad traffic are from several factors such as the system of the road, to much vehicle on road and last but not least the user behaviour. But the main cause is the road user that are not professional unconsiderable, and very selfish.

It's quite a huge different comparing the road system in Malaysia to countries such as France, Spain and others European countries. Road system especially in KL are very untidy, not distribruted uniformly and are very redundance. The road there is also not as smooth as others European countries and this actually show the ugly side of KL. Many flyovers are build to decrease traffic but the increasing of cars on road every single day made the effort not very efficiently. To begin with, road system in KL is initially roads that been stretch or being add new paths without proper initial planning. Although all these upgrading of roads is to ease the road user but fortunately it make the roads path very unconvincing.

During this festive season with lots of holidays coming in (New Year, Chinese New Year, Agong's Birthday and etc) it is advisable to plan your travel schedule. Make sure plan it well, and it advisable take you take the public transport or car pooling. It isn't will make the traffic less congest but eventually will save you some money.

The main message here is that only we can make the traffic more convenient. Only we can change it to make it a better place. Everyday I see cars with one person in it and also usually they are not in the right lane. These will cause bad traffic and eventually accidents. We must take the Japanese as an example where they travel a lots using public transport, bicycle or even walking. Sure Japan public transport is much more better than us but we can take it as initiative.


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