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Thursday, February 20, 2014

The One Thing That Distinguish Between Success and Failure

How do you feel about yourself right now? Are you now working in a respectable company? Are you currently living in a nice house earning RM4K per month? Or are you only 25 years old but already married and being bless with a child?

Getting back to the main question, how do you feel right now? Satisfied with life or do you fell that you just living under a fake smile.

If you are happy and feel bless although you are only earning less than RM2000 per month that a success compare in living a life of lies earning more than RM4000 but had to face many problem before getting the paycheck. That is absolute failure.

According to a researcher, living in KL an individual need to earn more than RM3000 per month to lead a decent life. People who is working as an employee only spend at most 10 hours daily working under an employer. This include lunch break and also the time taken for a person to arrive to work and going home. To summarize it, the working days is only five days per week. Therefore this person spent only 50 hours over 168 hours per week. If that person own a Diploma they can earn around RM1600 in nett income excluding the EPF benefit of RM400 monthly. If that person own a Degree they can earn around RM2100 in nett income excluding the EPF benefit of RM600 monthly. With much time left and making money is not an issue, this person can be successful or failing because of this one thing.

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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Our Beloved Malaysia League

Assalamulaikum and a very good evening to all readers. Surely now may the time for most of us to get prepared heading home from a hard and challenging working environment. Sure enough most of us want to relax ourselves from all the hard work that been given in improving the society. Banker execute their job by processing transaction from the client, doctors give their best in treating patient and last but not least businessman try to maintain their business in the right order to serve their customer so they will get the best experience from the service. After all this hard work what is the best solution to get relax. For me, watching football do entertain me a lot. As for that matter, currently our League got many attention. Many star players come to Malaysia to play in our league and the most notable signing is Pablo Aimar from JDT. My team is Kedah and we  got a big match tonight to qualify thru the Quarter Final of the FA Cup. What is your team?    

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