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Monday, May 17, 2010

People ManiaC

In term of word, people can be define into two distinct field of applications, whether as a singular noun or irregular plural noun. Generally people are classified into several groups base on outer appearance and characteristics. Are people that kill other people can been classified as people?

weekend while watching Buletin Utama, both reporters informed that a new 'Peace Agreement' will be held between the Israeli and the Abbas Palestine government. As I remembered, this is the fourth time that a 'Peace Agreement' will be held. Previous 'Peace Agreement' are just a waste of time, money and hope because the Palestinian still suffer at their own land.

What are our role to ease the very heavy burden of the Palestinian?

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Sunday, May 9, 2010

People Generated Money Everyday

People were born to live and to start living people need to develop their own life. No one in the world had achieved a wealthy life without plenty of hard work, commitment and a never give up attitude. The equation is simple;

Money = Efforts

Therefore, if you wanted to gain 100 money then you need 100 efforts. If you wanted 1000 money then you need 1000 efforts. Since last week, I had realize that promotion is the most suitable platform for normal people people to gain money. Maybe you are wandering who am I. I just a 21 years old student who still completing my degree in engineering but already achieving monthly income that exceed RM3000 per month.

The question is, how do I achieve it?

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