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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The Season of the Witch is Here

Season of the witch

This January...
Raise some Hell...
What you can tell...
The scariest thing of a WITCH!!!

Have you encountered by witches that really bitches!!! Well for everyone sake I guarantee it is better to encounter with a ghost than a witch because witches are ugly. Yes!!! I repeated it again, witches are UGLY!!!

The fact that witch is a mere human being and they are ugly contributed to more astonishing and visible disadvantages for mankind.

Madam xxx ( Not real name)

Try to imagine if someone like Madam xxx living among us, with her appearance like that she must be carrying deadly viruses such as influenza A or maybe she is like a parasite, genus Plasmodium that carry malaria infection.

Forget about spell or potion, the fact that witch are ugly and dirty is a solid statement that can jeopardize us. So, beware of witch because there are ugly!!!


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