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Sunday, January 23, 2011

A Magnolia Sherbet A Day Cast Away All My 'Sin' But Make Me 'Insane'

Ever dreaming to go places such as these;

Well, there is an easy way.

Just enjoy a Magnolia Sherbet

It will certainly cleanse your mind and body. Lifting your soul to some way that extract away all your problems making you as a fresh new born person. Don't wait anymore and grab your favourate Magnolia Sherbet which come in four mesmerizing flavors; lychee, mangosteen, melon and orange.

The four mesmerizing Magnolia Sherbet flavor; lychee, mangosteen, melon and orange.

Among the four flavors, orange is my favourate. Did you know that Oranje are in the FIFA 2010 World Cup Final on the 12th July? You must be wondering but in this case Oranje refer to the Holland National Team and it is my supported team at the FIFA 2010 World Cup. Moreover, orange is my favourate colour.

Lychee, mangosteen, melon and orange are all fabulous fruits but among four of them orange is special. This is because only orange is an imported fruit while three others are local fruits. This make Orange Magnolia Sherbet more exclusive to the Malaysian to enjoy. I frequently eat mangosteen and melon because my family planted it on our backyard while lychee can be bought on any wet market, 'pasar malam' or supermarket. That why it me more to crave the Orange Magnolia Sherbet.

Orange is also one of the most favorate fruit in the world! This claim can be proved where companies such the Tropicana Twister and Minute Maid Pulpy make their move in the business sector by introducing products based on orange. This is really astonishing where both companies have make million of money and started to expand their business. There is a saying 'with a good introduction surely it will be good throughly'.

Sure and not least orange contain several nutritional element. It can be presented as below;

The Orange Nutrient Info

To make it simple orange can prevent asthma, bronchitis, tuberculosis and etc. Moreover it also can prevent high blood pressure. Therefore taking orange in our daily life can enhance our health. Furthermore, the Orange Magnolia Sherbet serve a good serving of ice-cream where it is as yummy as ice-cream, but without the richness of regular ice-cream.

Apart from the facts that Orange Magnolia Sherbet give very much benefit to us, it is also interesting that the Orange Magnolia Sherbet also have turn me into a very capable person. X percaya!! Please scroll downward.

A productive engineer

A music composer

A Gang Leader

And but not least myself with my lovely <3 Orange Magnolia Sherbet <3


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What is his dude??
A Gang Leader?
Hell No!!

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