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Sunday, January 9, 2011


Malaysia is the name of the country. Logically the name came form two words, 'Malay' and 'Sia'. Malay stand for the main race in the country will I have no specific explanation on the 'Sia'. Malaysia is known for it variety races that live together. Therefore, this condition produce many cultures, foods and celebrations. I'm as a Malaysian was born as a Malay guy. Since I was a child my friends came from three races whether Malay, Chinese or Indian. Until now, my friends are majorly from these three races.

Malaysia as the name been given are majorly populated by Malays. Up to now, Malaysia already had 6 Prime Minister that served the country since 31 August 1957 and all the Prime Minister are Malay related blood. Malaysia also own a King and all the Kings are also Malay related blood. Malaysia is known as an Islamic country but the people are free to follow any religious. Malaysia people are divided into 'Bumiputere', Chinese, Indian, others and non-citizen. Priority are given to the 'Bumiputera' in term of owning assets, applying bank loan and applying to enter any public educational institutes. 'Bumiputera' consist of Malay and 'Orang Asli' people. 'Bumiputera' is the original people of the land. A table showing the ethnics populations in Malaysia are shown as follow:

From the table above, more than half of Malaysian are 'Bumiputera'. For the time being, the ruler of the country is still form 'Bumiputera' but the the economy aspect are being dominated by the Chinese. Eight from ten of the riches persons in Malaysia are from Chinese. The only Malay in the list is Tan Sri Syed Mokhtar AlBukhary. Chinese are well known for their commitment, hard work and expertise in conventional business while the 'Bumiputera' mainly Malay are very illustrated with the small advantages that the country provided. The life chronology of a Malay and Chinese can be conclude as below:

' Two babies were born in a same hospital at the same date. There were born with the same gender, have a pair of eyes, legs, arms, ears, a mouth, a nose and some hair. The common thing that differentiate them is the thing the are. One is a Malay baby that been born by a wealthy Malay couple while the other baby is a Chinese that been born by a mother who work as a vegetable seller while the father work as a butcher. In 20 years, are these babies will inherited the life as their parent obtain when they are grown up? Statistic prove that Malay are being 'downgrade' while the Chinese are very successful as time goes own. '

Is it possible a country can change it name? Malay and Chinese are two different ethnics in term of mind set, life and cultures. There are few groups that been divided based on races who actually fighting each other. Living separately because of different races is known as 'Assabiah' in Islam.

Achieving ultimate harmony is actually easy in Malaysia. As a Malay who are majorly Islam believer need to fixed any flaws on the current life. Just stay foward and upgrade ourselves so we 'duduk sama rendah, berdiri sama tinggi'. If this can be achieve, characteristics such as jealousy, unsatisfactory and others bad characteristics will not be develop among Malaysian.


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