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Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Uber : A Supreme Example

'Denoting an outstanding or supreme example of a particular kind of person or thing' - Meaning of Uber -

Nowadays Uber is a popular word that refer to the ride sharing application and services that are convenient, transparent and also profitable. I myself also drive Uber to earn extra income especially the economy this day are not that good. If a chance come begging, we should just grab it. Would you?

          To those who wanted to earn money, I really recommended to do Uber. Even our Prime Minister, Najib Razak urge the citizen to do Uber and he even announce incentive of RM4000 rebate plus BR1M in buying a new Proton Iriz to those who wanted to be an Uber driver. Here are four reasons why you should be an Uber driver;

1. Time : Time are precious as gold. Being an Uber driver means that we are our own boss and it's up to us  when we want to work. But bear in mind, the more we drive the more we earn. For me as a part time Uber driver, I drive around 20-30 hours per week usually on weekend and early weekdays morning

2. Income : The main reason why I drive Uber is because I can easily earn RM2000 per month by driving around 20 hours per week. Uber got their own strategies marketing, that means we don't have to do our own sale. Just open the apps and switch on the online button and just wait for a request to come. 

3. Payslip : What the use of doing a business that can get income of RM5000 per month but could not make loans due to lack of documentations? With Uber, the system is very organize. Although we work on our own, every penny that we earn are being sum up in a weekly pay statements. This pay statements can be use as a payslip or as a supporting document to apply any loan. 

4. New Friends : I'm staying in Damansara and most of the time I drive Uber around Damansara-Mont Kiara-PJ-Bangsar. The best thing about driving in this area apart from the demand that never end is the customer are very quality. 50 percent of my customers are foreigner ranging from European, American, African, Arabian and even Bangladeshi. I could conclude more than 70 percent of my customers are talkative and friendly and some of us even contact among ourselves because of our same interest. Maybe some can meet their future spouse from driving Uber, eh. 

          So for those who are serious and wanted a better life, you should drive Uber. It's is not just me, Najib Razak also urge Malaysian to earn extra income with Uber. 

The requirement to drive Uber are:

1. Four door car, can accommodate four passengers at a time excluding the driver
2. The car must be at least less than nine years but cars that is more than five years must do extra inspection as regulated by Uber.
3. Own a valid driver license and the car must be insured with our name on it
4. Own a smartphone that at least have a 3G connection.

To those who are committed to earn money do use my code V6S4ZJ7WUE during registration or you just can directly register using this link . Once you have register, Uber will directly sent your detail to me and I'll help you from there. The RM300 commission that I received will be share.

P/S : To those who wanted to ride Uber you can use code UBERNEYRA and get RM20 off for your first ride (as shown above). No term and condition applied.


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