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Friday, October 28, 2016

Knowing Kuala Lumpur History : The Relaxing Way

'History will not repeat itself. One who knows history will not make the same mistake'

Is the past connected to the present? It's will effect the outcome of our future? We for sure can not know our future but we certainly can learn from our past to make a better future. Sadful to know that today generation are to busy with technologies that they forgot about history. History is forgotten and it's really frightening to think that history will just remain history. 

How many especially Malaysian here know about the history of Kuala Lumpur? Did you know that there are more that 50 shows per month that showcase great act, popular casting and certainly impactful story for the audience to learn about history of Kuala Lumpur. This effort to lift up Kuala Lumpur history are being done by Enfinity Vision Media and Kuala Lumpur City Hall.  It's a musical theater dubbed 'Mud : Our Story of Kuala Lumpur' that promises to be a vibrant showcase of our capital’s rags-to-riches past and our forefathers’ humble beginnings. What they've promised is what they've delivered. If you're one for spontaneity, don't be surprised if the cast members pull you up on stage to join in with the fun and pomp. For KL-lites, this is one that will make you proud of your state as 'Mud' does an excellent job of revealing the story of Kuala Lumpur in a way that will tug your heartstrings with energetic musical numbers and cheeky, 'only-in-Malaysia' one liners. - -

Syahirah Sabri , a postgraduate student in IT who love history after seeing the stage play

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Eja Ibrahim
Head of PR & Publicity


Neyra Shazeyra said...

Okayh, nanti kita pergi tengok MUD lagi haha

kay shafiQ said...

Ok awak Syahirah Sabri :)

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