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Wednesday, July 22, 2015


The brand Puma is known by everyone as a brand which offers a wide range of sports fashion items from shoes, clothing and more. One of the items which have been getting a huge hit are their stylish Puma shoes collection. Made to be worn to workout sessions, walking and even for a casual feel, men can select the Puma shoe designs which are perfect for their personal style. For the men who may not have much idea on how to pull together a masculine yet hype look with Puma, here are three looks which you can try. 
1. Skater Bad Boy

Do you ever think of exposing a little bad boy side in you through what you wear? The best way a man can experiment this bad boy effortless look is by creating a skater boy image. Slip on a pair of Puma sport shoes with jeans, tee and a shirt for that spunky appearance. Every woman will definitely melt staring at your bad boy fashion outfit. 

2.    Casual

Besides that, Puma shoes are not only made to wear on your workout sessions but also suitable for a casual day out. Whether you are running errands on the weekends, out for a quick lunch with a friend or a date with the special someone during the day, match your Puma shoes with a pair of shorts, basic tee or jeans for the stylish casual appearance.

3.    Sophisticated

Meanwhile, men who are bored of wearing the same old pair of leather shoes to work, switch for some fun with a pair of Puma sneakers. Not only are they comfortable for you to walk around in but definitely boosts up your style. Interested to get some new pair of sneakers to replace the old ones at home? Visit ZALORA and browse through their Puma online shoes for men sold at the best affordable price.


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