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Friday, July 3, 2015

The Factors That Influence Us to Do Good Deeds

Human being are created with the purpose to live in this world in a harmonize environment and to had a life full of good intentions. But we are not living in this world ourselves, there are things that are unexplainable to our brain and human being are the most unpredictable creature. We are the most fluctuating variable, where sometime we are good to someone and next thing we got a grudge with that exact someone. This is because we are created with brain plus emotions.

So, are you a good person or not?

Each of us are made by God by the combination of two elements from one guy with one woman that take around 9 months to evolve perfectly before we came out to see the world for the first time. As a newborn baby, we got a pure heart and we're in the process of growing and learning. So we start as a pure soul but eventually there are two path that we took, which is either good or bad. Place do nurture people.

           There are choices that we need to made in life and it is either good or bad. What influence us to do something that is good? Can we just do all the things that are good? Unfortunately human being are not perfect, and everything that we do need to be done with clear thinking. As mention by Rolf Dobelli we are living for ourselves for before thinking about others. If we can not help ourselves how could we help others. For that reason, people are doing something good especially for others is because of the relationship, race, religion, nationality and even because of similar names. As a conclusion people will do good to others mainly if they're some similarity with them.

           As a country that practice Islam as the main religion, Ramadhan is a month full of reward and Muslim are being encourage to do more effort on helping the needs. The main purpose of Ramadhan is to teach the believer to share and feel the difficulty life of others and in the same time devote to the only Creator, Allah S.W.T. We can see that many donation box are full of donation anywhere we go and this show a good identification of the people that own a good intention.

Donation box are full of donation
            Currently as I browse thru Twitter for the last two weeks I found two platform that I had verified to be genuine and really beneficial. Do browse thru #bsn40kebaikan and @SkolaFund and help out as we can and with a sincere heart. Doing good deeds doesn't need to think much, just a sincere heart and positive mind that our help with help others.  


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