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Thursday, July 9, 2015

My Stand as a Malaysian Facing the Current Political Crisis

As a resident of Malaysia that was born in the Northern Peninsula it is too shame to see the current political problem that is hitting the country. The ringgit value are going down to the lowest since 1998, oil price keep increasing thus increasing others price and the are no obvious development nor positive contribution toward the people of this country. The major problem is the 1 Malaysian Development Berhad (1MDB) and it hit the climax when Wall Street Journal (WSJ) reported that the Prime Minister (PM) Najib had deviate billion of ringgit to his own account. What will be the ending and what lies for us in the future?

          As a sane adult, thing that occur to the current government is really a shameful matter. We need to remember that history has taught us that this land was once been colonized and the main reason of colonization is because of the involvement of foreign power. Remember Pangkor Treaty 1874? That the treaty that stated official involvement for British in Tanah Melayu reign and politic. Although British involvement in Tanah Melayu politic can be trace back since 1795 where Francis Light took Penang form Kedah. This fact conclude that countries are being invaded with only some paper of agreement and these happen more than 200 years ago. Nowadays can country been invaded by simpler method such as using internet? Whatever the result will be, I can only see one solution where a hero need to stand up and clear everything that has already arise. Who is the hero? That a question that all of of us need to ask ourselves.

They're always a ray of light even thou in the darkest place. What had happen can not be undo, what need to be done is always with the right mind. As a normal citizen and with limited power and influence toward the country we must not bow to the so call greater power. Small changes can lead to bigger achievement. A hero with a small and valid contribution is better than a hero that only dream bit but could not anything. We're all can become hero


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