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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Today is 11/12/13 & the Meaning Behind It

Assalamulaikum and good evening to all. Happy Holiday to people who are working at Selangor because today is a Public Holiday to Selangor State. 11 December is the Sultan Selangor's Birthday. Happy Birthday to the Selangor Sultan and may Tuanku be more successful in ruling the Selangor State. Coming back to the main topic which is the special date 11/12/13, people are tend toward special number to do some special occasion such as getting married, buying a car or even going on a holiday. So why people are really tend toward this kind of fact?

As a human being whether Muslim, Chinese, Indian or Cristian we are tend to special or beautiful number. People are willing to spend extra to get this number for example buying vehicle number plate or phone number. For the Chinese, they believe number 8 will give them good luck and they considered number 4 as the number of death. That why some building particularly in Klang Valley don't have level 4 or 14 because the Chinese believe that number 4 is a bad charm. There are also some believe in the West where they considered no 13 as the number that will give bad luck or Friday the 13th. Take note that Friday the 13th is coming. As a Muslim we can not believe this kind of thing but have to respect other believe. So why are we also fascinated by the number? The reason is because special number are easier to remembered, have a beautiful arrangement and also got some memorial meaning behind it such as birth date.

As a conclusion, number are a fascinating thing and that why there are mathematics, calculus, and also statistic. Well, the world is a huge thing to study and discover and number is one of it.  


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