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Friday, October 11, 2013

A Warning to All Good People

Greeting readers. It's been more than three months that I haven't updated this blog. It have been a roller coaster experience for the last three months but thank to God the result of it is still good. My company is growing steadily and my life is much more relax now. Although I'm pretty busy for the last three months but I still read other blogs and I found several blogs that actually trigger me write this post. It's regarding my experience working with a fraud company but in the end I'm the one who lodge a police report and also reported to SSM in September last year. I went there early this year to check and it seem either they already move or been busted by the authorities. For the full stories and experience of what I been mentioning please visit these blog Aina Aadnan, Erni Syafrina and Iqbal Zarin

I hope everyone will be careful with their the surrounding while the people who are behind this fraud scheme please stop at once because this life is not ours. As the finale do enjoy the video clip below; Bukan Milik Kita by 6ixth Sense




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