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Sunday, June 30, 2013

If This Continues A War will Occur in Malaysia!

Assalamualaikum and good afternoon to all readers. As an early reminder to all Muslim especially in Malaysia (date are different based on country) it is nine more days before Holy Ramadhan approaching. The important thing is are we ready?

As we all know, last night Kelantan or also known as The Red Warrior(TRW) had lifted the FA Cup defeating Johor Darul Takzim(JDT) at Stadium Bukit Jalil. Congratulation to TRW for retaining the Cup and also congrats to JDT also for reaching the final (they also beat Kedah in the second round). As a positive thing to be taken, the atmosphere and the attention that our people give toward this match is really fantastic! But as the law of the equilibrium stated, if we give something then we will receive something. They are many 'horrendous' issues behind these positive response. If this kind of things continue, maybe a war will occur in Malaysia!

It have been two months since the General Election 13(GE13) took place. During that time until now people are still arguing because of the different politic parties. My previous post 'Let's Unite Malay and Muslim' convey the message of the important for us to life in a harmonies life rather in a community that is surrounded with hatred and differences. Same as last night case. Both TRW and JDT got a tremendous supporters but certainly got different kind of perspective toward each other. JDT fan label TRW as a fanatic or lunatic human being while TRW fan label JDT as bogus team. Thank to God these differences is not being projected by physical contact since there are casulties report last night but previously there are cases before.

With the world floating with social medium, every videos especially on Youtube that show last match videos are flooded with comments from both JDT or TRW supporters or even outsider who just wanted to join in. I make it clear in this post that arguing and fighting in the social media is a waste of time. If you are not satisfy with something just settle in directly without involving each other or just try to find calmness such as reciting Al-Quran or going to prayer. As Ramadhan is approaching it is best for us to be prepared and take this oppurtunity to the fullest.  


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