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Monday, April 26, 2010

We Can Learn From Drama

Today (25.4.10), before going back to Shah Alam. I have watched a series on AXN, NCIS;LA. Since my tendency is more on mystery and problem solving story so I just watched that series although I started 30 minutes late. This is the first time I watched the series.

The series is about a group of elite force that been establish to fight crime. Familiar isn't it. But credit on series from the west. This is because series from the west obtain a very good plot, nice and real-a-like action and very influential scripts. Malaysia also have many series that been established mainly on love, humor and police force. It is hard to say but in reality, Malaysian series are still lacking on those three fields.

Although I just watched the series halfway, credit to the series due to it marvelous dialog such as;

" I'm very worried if yu are not worried from all these pressure."

That been said by the elite group boss, a granny name Hetty. It is insane to have a granny leading an elite force, but that is acting. Nothing is impossible in front of camera. Other conversations such as;

"Sometimes, the best is good enough." Said by a pilot

"Yes, it is true. But it is not wrong to try. You have been given the second chance while I'm not." Said by one of the agent.

Life in drama is very different from the real life, especially on the hero and heroin. It will be great if we achieve that life. So just try to obtain it.

There are several series that have their own 'niche'. Series that thought on romance, life at work, seeking motivation and series that show on how people can plan somethings brilliant and extraordinary. From my experience I would like to recommended series such as Ugly Betty, House, Flash Forward, Leverage and etc.

Although majority of the series are bias toward the American, we just 'buang yang keruh, amik yg jernih.


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