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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

A Day on 31th August

Salam and a very a good morning at this wonderful public holiday day (For Malaysian). Today is the 53th Malaysian Independent Day and my question what you guys and girls gonna do. For now I'm typing this new post [hahah] but later I have my own plan :)

Some will go to the town maybe to shop, some going to the cinema and maybe a few like me going to the countryside. Whether what people doing in their holiday you all get my respect as long as we know the place that we are standing. [ Right now Muslim are performing fasting in Ramadhan Month]. My friends such as nickynieya and marzukikamal seem to have a lively holiday.

Bunkface, the artist of the month of Era or also been known through the MTV had been interview yesterday about what are they doing on today holiday. Quit surprisingly they just wanted to stay home with there family. Regardless what are you doing today just enjoy it. Have to go and bye


nickynieya said...

aku x olidae pon.
tgh study..test ..test..
arghh org nak raya kite sebok test

kay shafiQ said...

owh yeke, study la lek lok ekh

Asfz said...

happy merdeka days :)

kay shafiQ said...

happy merdeka gak :)

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