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Monday, October 11, 2010

Angry of Anger

Salam for the Muslim and good evening to others. After about a week of non information communication technology (ICT) exposer because of my 'journey' I was quite interested on what my ICT friends have encountered. It involve the Utusan Malaysia one of the leading newspaper in the country. To make the situation more understandable please visit this first link ;

Utusan article which condemn the action of the UTP student action. After this article being publish yesterday the story 'bloom like mushroom after raining (tumbuh bak cendawan lepas hujan)' on the world wide web. One article that had caught my intention is this from which is one of the most influent website on islamic matter in the country. Do read these articles in sequence start form Utusan and after that Also read some of the comments on

After interpreting the matter above I have come out with a thought on this matter. My thought may seem favoring my friends but for me the article by the Utusan writer is based more on personal feeling. She seem very mad on this matter. For me, if this matter doesn't been exposed thing will not become complicated as it has become. The most important thing is, how come this so call scam had been exposed in the first place. I feel sorry for my friends because it had become like this. They had to face their family, the surrounding community, the UTP management and their future seem to become bleak. This is all because they had send a friendly photo during the fasting month.


Wan said...

Salam. Rasenye masalah ni bleh selesai ngan care baik. Setuju ngan kamu bro yg masalh mmng kecik jer. 1 g bro, link yg iluvislam dh xde.

kay shafiQ said...

@wan: Thank bro 4 the info. yep ni mmng mslh kecik. skat ni mcm xde pape dh kes ni.

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