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Monday, December 31, 2012

Two Thousand Thirteen Resolution

Salam. Today is 31 December 2012 is the last day of 2012 and within a moment a new year will arrive. So the main question, what is the resolutions for the upcoming 2013?

As the year 2012 draw closer to the end, there are many things that already happen in these past year, past 12 months, past 52 weeks, past 366 days, past 8784 hours, past 527040 minutes and for the past 31622400 seconds whether it is good or bad the main point is we must move forward. Surely there are plenty to share and to tell on what we have experience regardless what it is because in this world there no such thing as good or wrong that been determine by others. As a faithful follower we already have our guidance and been given a working brain so we can live the life as it should be. For me, everything that happen especially to myself I don't take granted but always see things in a positive way. As the saying says, 'the past is the past, it is the present we should concentrate to carve a better future'

As I browse through the social media mainly FB & Twitter I notice that many have many resolution that they list down. There are even people who make up to 40 resolutions! Regardless how many are the resolution it is a good thing because we make target to achieve and with these target we will work our way to achieve it. The bad thing about resolution is we just make resolution without even planning on how to achieve it. Planning is not just about paperwork or blueprint, visualization or using imagination is also some sort of planning. Moreover with imagination we can become more creative. So my question is how many 2013 resolutions do you guys make?

As for me as a year will past and me myself have grow and experience many things throughout this time, my resolution is just to become more successful than before and also gaining what I have been planing for the past 3 years. So currently I'm owning a small enterprise that sell several good products. So I take this chance to invite all to visit my Facebook page 'Al Quran Di Hati'. This page spread around good and useful information and also selling Syariah Compliance products. Do visit my page and don't forget to like. So my next question is what is your 2013 resolution?

So new year will arrive around 1 hours after this post is publish. So I wish all a Happy New Year. 


Sabella Mohamad said...

happy new year . may our 2013 full of barakah ^^

Pwincess said...

I just hope to be a better person. hehe =D

kay shafiQ said...

@sabella : InsyaAllah. We all hope for a better year

@Nurulee : Really good resolution. U got my support :)

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