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Sunday, May 9, 2010

People Generated Money Everyday

People were born to live and to start living people need to develop their own life. No one in the world had achieved a wealthy life without plenty of hard work, commitment and a never give up attitude. The equation is simple;

Money = Efforts

Therefore, if you wanted to gain 100 money then you need 100 efforts. If you wanted 1000 money then you need 1000 efforts. Since last week, I had realize that promotion is the most suitable platform for normal people people to gain money. Maybe you are wandering who am I. I just a 21 years old student who still completing my degree in engineering but already achieving monthly income that exceed RM3000 per month.

The question is, how do I achieve it?

The answer is simple, I just open my mouth and talk to people whom I know them very much. Therefore, people who are very talkative who emit millions of words everyday actually can gain lot of money.

Promotion business are everywhere around us whether at newspaper, poster, internet or even from people that try to promote to us. But cautious, not all this kind of business are real and some of them are scam.

Here are 4 tips in choosing the right promotion business:

1. 'Halal' and 'Haram'
This is the most important aspect because money that are gain will be part of our flesh. Flesh that came from 'haram' source will be burn in Hell. Try to investigate a business, study the flow of the money and the origin of the income source.

2. Company
Make sure the company is stable and had been established for around a year. It is recommended to involve with well known companies.

3. Product
Choose to promote products that will attract people especially 'produk keperluan' rather than 'produk kehendak'.

4. Marketing Plan
Make sure the marketing plan is very useful and easy to understand. Don't just choose marketing plan that only give high payout but the how it work isn't understandable.

As the icing for this entry, renung-renungkanlah video dibawah

'Money is everything in this world. With money we can live peacefully while helping others in achieving their life' -kay shafiQ-


Fauzan Ahmad said...

well said bro,

surah al-lail ada cerita perihal kerja dan management duit.

kay shafiQ said...

Thank bro 4 your share of thoughts

emi said...

effort!~ well said!

kay shafiQ said...

@Cik emi; effort is possible if we set the goal

kay shafiQ said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Unknown said...

berusaha.tetap semangat.go.

kay shafiQ said...

@fobia: yah, that the way we do it

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