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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

A Glance of Change

Assalamualaikum and very good morning. At this hour it is the best time for me to update this blog as it is being 'abandoned' more than a week due to several factors that can not been prevent. The main reason is maybe due to the poor internet connection here or maybe I'm to busy playing Football Manager 2010, Pro Evaluation Soccer 2011, Fantasy Premier League and to busy concerning matter on football whether Malaysian Football or the European Football. The thing is time is very, very and very precious for all of us. It is a waste if we just using our 24 hours per day at only playing games or enjoying ourselves. Artists or football players also have their own training schedule although they are already wealthy and enjoying their works.

Along last week I have been using my time mainly on working on something that is very interesting and it also offer a bright future. I had spent hours and seldom do not sleep at nights working on this amazing thing. For a bright intro of what I have been working for do watch the video below:

Watch the video already? Interesting isn't it. It is more interesting because the simulation can be done by normal person such as myself and you. I have been busy studying and exploring Autodesk Inventor during all the time. I am starting learning this thing from scratch because this is really an amazing 'game'. Moreover I also start to familiarize myself with Ansys where it do simulate things as video below:

This two software is very expensive. A full version of Ansys cost about half a million ringgit. A person who can master this two software are very marketable in job hunting. Unfortunately these two software are mainly for Mechanical Engineer. Even thou that the facts everyone can try to learn exploring this kind of softwares because all of these are very useful knowledge. Rasulullah S.A.W said ' Go search for knowledge until the land of China'. As the icing on the cake, enjoy others video related to Inventor design, enjoy :).


Afzainizam said...

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Sila Lawat Kami kembali

Salam kunjungan salam ziarah…. Thanks kerana berkongsi story pada kami. Salam sebuah persahabatan salam satu perkenalan dari blog kami... Moga kami mendapat maklum balas dan respont yang baik dari blog anda...

Connecting With My Own Soul said...


drop my comment here since you have come to my blog. do keep in touch. :)

kay shafiQ said...

Thank 4 singgah sni :)

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