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Sunday, January 15, 2012


Salam and good morning to all the readers of this blog. This morning I would like to evaluate and derive the meaning of perception. Perception is a very influential word and it is really related with our own life. The meaning of perception can be define as thoughts/ideas that been implemented to our mind to believes that thoughts/ideas is true although it isn't. For example, are you being afraid of ghost? Certainly most of the answers is afraid of ghost but what make us afraid of it? We haven't see a ghost so why we should be afraid? This is because since childhood we had been told that ghost are scary and therefore our perception on ghost will eventually go on the bad side.

Perception also influence our people regarding continuing career. Did you realize it take about 20 years of studying before becoming a doctor! People especially parent really controlling their child even thou the child isn't interested. This could create tremendous pressure to child and eventually can contribute to wrong path of life. This is because people have the perception that you have to own a certificate so that you can succeed in life. Truthfully, many of the riches of the world even doesn't have any certificate and some even can not read but they succeed in entrepreneurship due to taken opportunities, hard work, got plenty of time and etc.

The message here is not that spending time studying to get certificate is not good but the perception of people that a person who own a certificate that make business such as blogging instead working on his/her field is wrong must be change. Hope the message can change the perception of people regarding the matter. This is just facts and ideas that been derive by me, an Engineer with Bachelor Degree and also an Entrepreneur as a Wealth Planner.


emylase. said...

yaa, mmg org suka tgk sijil seseorg.. phd laa, masterlaa..
sebenarnya bukan certificate tu yg penting.. yg penting adalah kejayaan seseorg tuu.. ramai je yg kantoi studies boleh berjaya.. =)

kay shafiQ said...

"My friend passed all his exam but I fail some. Now he is an Engineer in Microsoft while I'm the owner of Microsoft" - Bill Gate :)

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