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Monday, July 16, 2012


Our destiny is in our hand. Now I'm not an employee but an employer of myself. Now I'm at a cafe surrounded by people who are also working for themselves. Many discussing about business opportunities and some are talking about chances that need to be grab out there. This is all people with monthly income more than ten tounsand who are own bungalows in Damansara and drove expensive cars around. Their appearance is only with a collar t-shirt and a short pant.

One thing for sure, all these people do not achieve this easily and it takes determination and patience. It really consume time and it is true because all these people seem to be on their mid 40's at least. One more thing for sure, if you want to become freedom in term of financial or life you must become your own boss.

To become a boss you need a business and to own a business you need to a capital to start your business. To find capital you need to work hard and smart to own it and manage it wisely. Some say it does not matter how many your own but it is important how you kept your money.

For me I own a small business and also offer services on insurance and investment. As a 23 years old I already own things that are hard to own for a 30 years old Executive and now I'm moving forward to a new challenge that offer me 4000 USD monthly salary and also free travel around the world. As a famous band in the world BigBang come out with it newest concept Alive, I would brand my new plan as ReAlive.


laureweng said...

sometimes when we want to gain something.. we have to take risk..
we need to think ..bcoz no one can predict wht will happens .. coz we are not clairvoyant..

GOOD Luck =)

kay shafiQ said...

Thank a lots Cik Laure Weng :)

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