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Sunday, October 17, 2010

UTP Convofair 2010

Salam and good morning. During 14-17 October UTP are handling their Convocation as well the Convofair. Today is the last of the event thou and everyone are welcome here. All the activities during the Convofair events can all be seen on the poster above.

This is my fifth and last Convofair during my five years stay as a student at UTP. There are some awesome facts that I wanted to share:
1. This year is the 10th UTP Convocation
2. It is the 1st time Convofair are being held in 4 days
3. This is the 1st time it is not raining during Convofair ( Until yesterday thou)

UTP can be considered as a beginner in handling the Convofair compared to others universities. These may be cause by the shortness of time to held the event (due to small number of students) and the University still young on age. Nether less credit to the Convo Community which mainly derive from students. Insya Allah next year I myself will taken my scroll at the Chancellor Complex. To those who wanted to come here you are most welcome and to those who can not come I have upload some photos during last night. A picture can derive a thousand words :).


Anonymous said...

jumpe lg sorg budak utp..hehehe

kay shafiQ said...

Same here :D

SweetyMui2 said...

wow convofair! aklau time convo mesti hapening giler kan..hikhik

Anonymous said...

Wow. Hattan ke mlm ni???

kay shafiQ said...

@mui2: kalo kte pikir happening, happening le. hehehe :D

@Anon: ye la!

Anonymous said...

yo owner blog
ko kate dah 5 tahun ko g ke convofair
aku pun dah 5 tahun
tp setahu aku dah 2 kali kot convofair dibuat 4 hari sepanjang aku hidup kat utp nii
fes 2007 n seken 2010
harap ko betulkan fakta tu

kay shafiQ said...

@anon: yeke bro/girl. thank 4 your concern :)

Anonymous said...

mmbe aku komiti 2007..
mane ad 4 ari..
3 ari la..
nie 1st time 4 ari

kay shafiQ said...

Thank kpd srg g anon. ak pown rse thn ni 1st time 4 hari convofair.

cerkleng said...

my sista convo at this moment~
17 oct 2010.

kay shafiQ said...

@cerkleng: yeke. sape? kot2 kenai. hehehe

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